The 2nd Seed Festival at the Halki Theological School in Turkey has been completed.

On the 24 of June 2018 the 2nd Seed Festival at the Halki Theological School in Turkey has been completed. The festival has been organized by Peliti and the Holy Theological School of Halki (Heybeliada) and supported by seedfreedom.

The Seed Festival took place at the Theological School of Halki in Turkey from 23 to 24 of June 2018.

The Seed Festival began with visits to the Ecumenical Patriarchate on Friday 22 of June This year there were no meetings with the Ecumenical Patriarch , either at a group or at an individual level.

Afterwards , a tour of the Zografio School took place, with people there welcoming us with great joy and generous hospitality.

The characteristic feature of this seed festival has been a ferment between the participants and the local growers of the island.

The Greek participation has been represented by Peliti and its local teams of Evros, Komotini, Drama, Kastoria, Kozani and Aegina and some individual growers as well.

Also , two nuns from the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos of East Kissavos in Greece, which has recently been added to the local groups of Peliti , participated in the Festival. Actually, the idea of ​​starting the Seed Festival at the Theological School of Halki, was born at this Monastery.

Turkey participated with Slow Food Şile Palamut Birliği and individual growers.

The 3rd Seed Festival will take place at the Theological School in Halki (Heybeliada), Turkey, on 22 and 23 of June 2019.

We are very grateful to the Zografisio School and all those who participated in the Seed Festival and we also thank all those who contributed in their way to the festival.

We are waiting for you next year.

Photos: Aris Pavlos and Theodoros Lakiaras

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