Peliti in the Rocky Mountai Seed Alliance in USA

The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance from the United States has called Peliti to present the Peliti Seed Festival at the Mountain West Seed Summit: “Reunion of the Radicles” Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico February 21–23, 2019

Peliti will represent: Panagiotis Sainatoudis, founder of Peliti

and Giorgos Dumos organic farmer.  See the program here.

Any financial help for this trip would be great relief.

By depositing in Peliti’s Bank Account:

IBAN: GR10 0171 1960 0061 9804 0030 332


Beneficiary: Alternative Community of Peliti See his interview

John Caccia from Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance at the 18th Peliti Seed Festival and 2nd Olympic Seed Feast at Peliti Greec 2018

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