Leonor Fuguet at the 2nd Olympic Seed Festival

My name is Leonor Fuguet. I was born in Venezuela 60 years ago and for  40 years I have been one of its hardcore environmentalists and its  only ecological singercomposer, with the complexities to be so in an  oil producing country with the largest oil reserves on Earth and I  apply all I know as a Biologist, Psychologist, Facilitator and  Musician to protect her.

I am totally convinced of the power of dreams and believing in those  dreams for them to come true, and it is about a dream I have that I  write to you. When I was a facilitador in strategic planning I used to  train groups on visioning as a tool for achieving personal and  organizacional goals, and since I walk my talk, and I have visioned  with my mind and imagination and have decred with my words many things  which have come trae.

As an environmentalist I dreamt of rescuing from destruction the  last pristine watershed in all the Americas, which is in Venezuela,  called Caura river´s watershed, which became under a huge menace by  ilegal gold and diamond mining about 10 years ago and, a me, along  with a small bunch of Quixote activists, dreamt of, decided to, turn i  tinto a National Park and I made of that my main fight as activist and  wrote a song for that fight and in its choir I say: “Parque Caura te  llamamos desde hoy” which in english is: “Caura Park we call you from  today on” and when my fellow activists I fought with for thay cause  heard me singing it asked me why I said it in present tense, and also  asked me what if we didn´t make it, and I repplied to them: this is a  decree, and we will, we have to, make it come true, and every time I  sang the song all these years I saw and felt inside of myself it was a
park already. You may see me singing the song in the middle of Caura  River, surrounded by its tropical forest beautiful biodiversity, in  the company of indigenous peoples who have lived there several  thousand years by visiting: YOUTUBE PARQUE CAURA LEONOR FUGUET. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTFf1mg2s3w

We did all we could to deal fight against and confront, all the  enemies, sice there were many interested in stopping us, but last
March, against all dds, Venezuela´s President signed the creation of  Caura National Park, which is the largest Tropical Forest National  Park in the World, with its 7.532.952 Hectares, 75.329 Square  Kilometers, and the second largest of all National Parks, in an  extractivist country, which has the largest oil proved reserve in the  planet as has the third certified gold and diamond reserves and also  has a lot of coltan and other minerals, all the oil, gold, Diamond,  coltan, under the surface or the Park will never be extracted, and the  millions of trees over its surface will never be cut down, so it is  now the largest protected carbon sink and the largest protected oxigen  provider on Earth and thanks to this decision Venezuela is now leading  the fight against global warming. So that dream came true!

And now I have another dream: I dream of going this comming April to  Greece, to take part in the OlympIic Seed Festival, an I already see  myself explaining to you how it is that an extractivist oil and gold  producing country which still depend almosy only on that came about to  protect 8% of its territory by deciding not to touch all those  minerals, see myself also explaining to you what is really happening  in my country regarding our Bolivarian Revolution which the media  (newspapers, tv news) owned by corporations lie you and every one  about,  I see myself telling you how it is that our government´s  action plan has 5 goals to achieve and that the 5th one literally is:  “To contribute with the preservation of life in the planet and to  rescue the human species from destruction” and how, in compliance with  that goal, we environmentalists designed, and got approved by  Venezuela´s National Assembly (equivalent to Congress) a Seed Law  which totallly forbids the use of trasgenic seeds and the application  of patents to seeds, and, as current leader of Venezuela´s  Environmentalist Revolutionary Movement, I see myself sharing with  activists from other countries, stablishing alliances, connecting with  you and many other, because only together we will be able to face the  huge economical and political interests which jeopardize life on Earth.

And I also see and hear myself singing to you my song for Caura Park,  the one against Monsanto, the other one against global warming, and  many other to protect mother Earth. But, as I could not get Caura  river´s watershed to become a Park on my own and had a team I worked  with until we achieved our goal, I cannot go to Greece on my own,  since, as a full time activist (and as such I receive no money from no  one) I do not have the means to pay the plane ticket  Caracas-Thessalonica-Caracas and I wonder if you, some of you, could  team up with me, and with Panagiotis, who recommended to me to share
my dream to go to Greece with you all, to reach this goal together!!

Leonor ‘s ticket has been purchased from Peliti.

Any financial aid for the support is welcome.

IBAN: GR10 0171 1960 0061 9804 0030 332


Beneficiary: Alternative Community Peliti

Looking forward to welcome you all at the 2nd Olympic Festival & 18th Seeds Festival of Peliti

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