How to get to Peliti

The Peliti Land is in North east Greece and is part of the Municipality of Paranesti, which borders west with the municipality of Xanthi, the east with the Municipality of Drama and north with Bulgaria.

Photo by: Aris Pavlos

We suggest you arrive by air in Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Airport | SKG Airport | Greece and then take the train from Thessaloniki to Paranesti. From Thessaloniki Airport there is a bus that goes to the train station, as it passes through the centre of town. The trip from the airport to the train station by taxi costs about 30 euros.

There are two trains a day from Thessaloniki to Paranesti. From the train station in Paranesti we will pick you up. The train station is 3 km away from Peliti.


Paranesti is located on the railway line Thessaloniki-Alexandroupolis

Daily departures from Thessaloniki to Paranesti:

Departure 06:55, Arrival at Paranesti 11:15. Ordinary Train (600)

Departure16:01, Arrival at Paranesti 19: 47. Intercity train (90)

Daily departures from Paranesti for Thessaloniki:

Departure 09:27, Arrival 13:12, Intercity train (91)

Departure 17:58, arrival 23:00, Ordinary train (601)

Drama train station: (0030) 2521032444 / (0030) 2521032444

Xanthi train station: (0030) 2541022581 / (0030) 2541022581

Greek Trains Customer Service tel: 1110 or (0030) 2105297777

Please note that prices and time tables are subject to change, so please check with the service provider before booking.

Coming from the west (Thessaloniki), follow the Egnatia E90 towards Kavala and immediately after the river Strymon drive towards  Drama A2.

From Drama follow directions to Paranesti & Xanthi. The turnoff to Mesochori is 0.5 km before the bridge of Nestos river. Duration of trip, 3 hour

Coming from the east (Alexandroupolis), follow the Egnatia E90. From Xanthi drive towards Drama (A2). Paranesti is on the halfway mark along this road. The turnoff to Mesochori is 0.5 km after the bridge of river Nestos. Duration of trip, 2 hour


  • Athens-Drama, Kifissos bus station in Athens, tel. 0030-210 5130220
    Daily departures at 09.00 and 21.00. Duration of trip is 8 hours.
  • Thessaloniki- Drama, Bus Station “Macedonia” in Thessaloniki, tel. and from 13:00 until 18:00 every hour, then 19:30, 21:00. Duration of trip is 2 hours.
  • Kavala-Drama, Kavala Bus Station Duration of trip, 45 min Tel: 0030 2510 222294
  • Drama-Paranesti, Drama Bus Station  Duration of trip, 1 hour Tel: 0030 25210-32421
  • Xanthi-Paranesti, Xanthi  Bus Station Durattion of trip 1 hour Tel: 0030 2510 222294
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