2nd World Meeting on the Flourishing of Humanity.

“Remember, remember, remember…”, the Canadian Indian said over and over to the small group of people who had gathered around him.
This Indian arrived in Mexico City shortly before our flight did. At first I thought it was the organizers. When he arrived the rest of the group of Greeks coming via the USA were very angry. They had lost their things and were talking very badly and very angrily.
The Indian from Canada turns to a Greek and says to him, in a stern tone: “why are you shouting? did you “see” your stuff come here to the airport with you? Did you mentally protect them?’
I was impressed, what he said won me over and I wanted to know more about him.
I had the great fortune to “accidentally” find myself in a small group of people at the house of Aquila, the guardian of knowledge where we were hosted during the first days of our trip to Mexico.
The Indian at the beginning talked about the history of his people, told us myths and traditions from his tribe. Many people were moved, sniffled and cried.
Just before the end of his talk he tells us: “remember, remember why we are here? It is no accident that we are here today. We’ve been there before and we made a promise, that’s why we’re here.”
After a while we left for Canton. The archaeological site where the 2nd Meeting for the Flourishing of Humanity took place. I was invited to the meeting, to present Peliti and its actions and to help indigenous communities and not only to build seed banks.
On the first evening in Canton during the official meal I was fortunate enough to have a native come in possession of one of the crystal skulls. I read about crystal skulls when I was very young. I was thrilled to be so lucky. Coincidence!!!
The trip to Mexico in December 2012 was an incredible experience. From the time I received the invitation until the time I arrived back at my home in Paranesti, Drama, there were shocking “coincidences”.
During the meeting I was lucky enough to meet indigenous people from many regions around the world. In total, people and organizations from 40 countries
I met Dario from Guatemala, from the Mayan tribe. I offered him a black corn from Greece. For the Maya, corn is a sacred plant. The change in my life started with corns that came from natives from Latin America (1991), on the occasion of corns I started the exploratory missions (1992). On the occasion of the corns I met my wife (2002). Corns were what changed my life.
The organizers honored me in various ways. They asked me to speak in Greek at the opening ceremony of the meeting.
I was invited to three different rituals that took place inside the archaeological site. At the end of the meeting I was lucky enough to be one of the guests, at a wedding that took place as it was done before the European invasion of Mexico.
On the last day, a few hours before I left for the airport, I also met the guardian of knowledge from the Easter Islands. The important thing this man told me is that as the previous keeper of knowledge which was his mother the knowledge was only given to people of his tribe. He has permission to impart the knowledge of his race to people around the world.
Based on the Mayan calendar, on December 22, 2012, humanity entered a new period. The old model is going and a better model is coming. Of course, this is what the grandparents said at the meeting, “it won’t happen just like that. There will first be a difficult period of upheaval and upheaval.”
Today April 25, 2020 I share with you stories from 25 years of Peliti.
Based on all that we have been experiencing in the last few days at the national and global level, the words of the natives make sense.
Remember, remember, remember… it may not be a coincidence that you are reading this article.
I thank Joanna for suggesting my participation in the meeting and the entire Greek team for giving me this wonderful experience.
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