1st Seed Exchange Festival of Traditional Varieties , in the Theological School of Halki

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Peliti ( www.peliti.gr ) and The Holy Theological School of Halki
invite you to the 1st Seed Exchange Festival of Traditional Varieties , in the Theological School of Halki on 24 and 25 of June 2017.

peliti seedfestival in theologigal school turkey

Principles of the Festival.
Cultivators who grow traditional varieties participate to the Festival. Τraditional varieties we call either the varieties that exist in some area from the ancient times until now , or those that have been brought from another area and have been adapted.
In the Festival all cultivators can take part , regardless of gender ( man - woman ) and religion ( Muslim , Christian , Catholic ), and regardless of the kind of cultivation they use.
Seeds , plants, trees , tubers etc come from tradiotional seeds and are given free.

We focus on positive actions that take place on planet.
With our thoughts and actions we can reinforce the positive aspects.

1st Seed Exchange Festival of Traditional Varieties in Theological School of Halki , is organized by Peliti www.peliti.gr , by the Holy Theological School of Halki. https://www.facebook.com/halkitheologicalschool/?fref=ts and is supported by the World movement for seeds freedom , seedfreedom https://seedfreedom.info/

Indicative program

On Saturday 24 of June 2017 from 14:00pm to 17:00pm speeches and workshops about the issue of collection and preservation of the traditional seeds, the cultivation of the earth with respect and friendly to nature methods etc are to be carried out.
On Sunday 25 of June 2017 from 10:30am to 15:30pm the sharing of traditional seeds is going to take place at the same time with speeches and workshops about the preserving of traditional seeds.

Parallel activity : Photo exhibition with photos of farmers from around the world who save and keep their seeds and tell us their stories through them.

How to get there.

When you arrive to Constantinople go to Eminonu and then to the 2nd pier for Adalar islands.
With your back to the Egyptian Market go right. Buy a ticket at the vending machine for 5,50 Turkish liras. A Turkish lira equals to 3.6 euros. ( 1.12.2016)
You get off at the 4th stop , where the island of Halki ( Heydeliada ) is. The School is on the hill of Hope. Reaching Halki you can see the school.
There are horse-drawn carriages that cost 30 Turkish liras.


At the end of the feast we form a circle.We join hands and dream of a positive future for our planet.

For more information

Greece : Peliti

e-mail: olympicseedfestival[at]peliti.gr

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YouTube: Peliti
Turkey : Theological School of Halki
tel: 0090 216 351 8563

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