Olympic Seed Festival

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During the People’s Assembly in Hague (14-16 of October) 2016 there were 5 workshops on 15 and 16 of October on the following topics:
A) GMO's: How to ban GMOs worldwide
B) Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals: how to ban them
C) Seeds: Steps towards seed freedom
D) Accountability: Steps to hold TransNational Corporations accountable
E) Agroecology: Promoting agroecology to feed the world


Peliti joined the workshop for the seeds.
The workshops were divided into three sessions. During the first session the organizations that participated presented themselves and their proposals for partnership. During the second and third session the participants discussed the proposals and presented ideas of how to realize them. Peliti’s proposal was to organize an International Seed Festival every year in different country with the title «Olympic Seed Festival». The proposal was accepted and an international committe was formed, responsible for the organization of the Olympic Seed Festival.  The first Olympic Seed Festival will take place in Peliti’s land from 20 to 22 of April 2017 along with the Peliti’s Seed Festival. More information will be provided very soon.

On behalf of Peliti

Panagiotis Sainatoudis, Vasso Kanelopoulou

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