Declaration for the first Olympic Seed Festival

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Brothers and Sisters,

Today, at the First Olympic Seed Festival and 17th Peliti Seed Festival, from 19th to 22nd April 2017, here on the land of Peliti in Greece, all of us, men and women from different corners of the Earth, are joining our hands and uniting our hearts with all our brothers and sisters who are fighting for the freedom of seeds, water, food , the forests, the integrity of the Earth and sending a message of love and respect for mother Earth and all forms of life existing on our planet.

We are women and men of many different religious beliefs, with different languages and different traditions, but we feel that we have common goals.

We are guests on this planet and brothers and sisters to all other forms of life (plants and animals).

We want to emphasize that there are many of us on this planet who are linking together our hands and hearts.

We work with love in our hearts for other people, for the Earth and its plants.

We respect the diversity of the plants, of the animals and the communities of people as well.

By all means we defend co-operation with the Earth and the other forms of life on her.

We also promote techniques that facilitate co-operation with nature.

We support free movement of seeds, as it has existed for thousands of years, from hand to hand and from generation to generation.

We are the first to have set the example for co-operation with nature.

We are the first to have set the example   for being keepers of seeds, of water, of the earth and food.

We link together our individual powers, we orient our imagination and our hearts towards creativity, for the establishment of communities of love and cooperation, to make their contribution to the whole planet.

The world we dream of for ourselves and our children is based on love, co-operation, solidarity, joy.

Every day, with our positive thoughts and actions, do our best in this direction so that our vision may some day become true.

Let us not forget that until very recently many of the results of the technical and cultural efforts of humanity and the highest intellectual achievements as well (such as freedom of speech and expression), achievements that are now seen as commonplace, were just a dream for some people.

However, a few of them believed that dreams can come true and worked on them patiently and persistently.

So we know that a world of love, solidarity, contribution and acceptance of differences is possible.

‘’From hand to hand ‘’ and “ from heart to heart’’

So that we will not lose tomorrow what we have today, we join our hands and hearts in a tender embrace.

In the future there will be one Earth for all people, regardless of their nationality !  

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