Leonor Fuguet at the 2nd Olympic Seed Festival

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My name is Leonor Fuguet. I was born in Venezuela 60 years ago and for  40 years I have been one of its hardcore environmentalists and its  only ecological singercomposer, with the complexities to be so in an  oil producing country with the largest oil reserves on Earth and I  apply all I know as a Biologist, Psychologist, Facilitator and  Musician to protect her.











1st Announcement of the programme….

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Good morning and good month. On the occasion of February 1st, 2018 we wish to communicate the basis on which we set up this year the 2nd Olympic Seeds Festival and the 18th Peliti Seed Festival. Soon we will announce the more detailed programme.

Logo 2nd Olympic Seed Festival

Second Olympic Seed Festival and 18th Peliti Seed Festival 2018

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Second Olympic Seed Festival and 18th Peliti Seed Festival, April 11-14, 2018

The institution of Olympic Seed Festivals was proposed by Peliti (www.peliti.gr) during the Global Citizens’ Assembly which took place between 14-16 October 2016 in the Hague. The Global Citizens’ Assembly was organized by Navdanya (http://navdanya.org) and Seed Freedom (seedfreedom.info).

By means of the Olympic Seed Festivals we transfer the Global Citizens’ Assembly to various parts of the world. We also transfer a message about the growth of the seeds of a new culture based on love and co-operation for the earth and the seed, for the air, a culture that does not separate the natural environment from human beings. We specifically refer to the seeds of traditional varieties, varieties saved by farmers for many thousands of years.

Peliti Olympic Seed Festival 2018

Η Διακήρυξη στα Αραβικά - Declaration in Arabic

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أول عيد أولمبيى للبذور

اليوم أول عيد أولمبيى للبذور وال 17 فى بليتى باليونان فى الفترة الزمنية من 19 : 22 ابريل 2017 .

         نحن كلنا النساء والرجال من مختلف انحاء العالم ،جئنا لتوحيد قلوبنا وأيدينا مع جميع الإخوة والأخوت ،الذين يناضلون من أجل الحرية من البذور والماء والأرض والغذاء والغابات ،وسلامة العالم وإرسال رسالة حب واحترام إلى الأرض "الأم" وجميع أشكال الحياة الموجودة على كوكب الأرض.

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